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Better prices on used equipment due to a drop in the production of new machinery that dropped sales to 13% in 2020

by: Mercado Equipos
Large corporations dedicated to heavy machinery for industry such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, John Deere, Liebherr, Volvo, as well as other companies in the US, Europe and Asia to a lesser extent, have reduced the production of new equipment for the market due to the situation of the global pandemic that has had strong consequences and that just entering the year...

Industry digitization accelerates in pandemic

by: Mercado Equipos
Despite the fact that the concept of Industry 4.0 was generated more than a decade ago, this last year it has had a rebound in its materialization. The reason, we all know: the global pandemic. The consulting firm KPMG projects that for this year the industry 4.0 market will amount to 3.4 billion euros. This new conjuncture has brought consequences in all the...

The MAN TGX or how to win the Truck of year 2021 award

by: Mercado Equipos
Two industry heavyweights such as IToY (Truck of the Year) and the German company MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg SE) are in one of the most prestigious awards in the world. IToY, made up of the highest representatives of the 24 main European magazines in the industry and now 8 more associates from the rest of the world, awarded the Truck of the Year 2021 award...

Coronavirus and global industry: Impact and post-pandemic actions

by: Mercado Equipos
"The consultancy firm Capital Economics estimates that the consequences of this virus will cost more than US $ 280,000 million in this first quarter of the year alone. " The pandemic that we are experiencing today, without a doubt, has impacted the global industry in various ways and at different levels. While some companies have canceled their...

P & H 4100XPC is the Highest Tonnage Cable Shovel in the Mining Industry

by: Mercado Equipos
" The Komatsu company consolidates as a manufacturer by acquiring the P & H brand" An essential aspect in the mining industry is productivity, so when choosing a team, there can be no room for any misunderstanding. The shovels are fundamental machines in the tasks of loading and the combination that these must have with the trucks generate that infallible match...

Trucks and Heavy Machinery Bet on Electric Motors

Volvo Vera
by: Mercado Equipos
"Hybrids seek to be detracted from diesel" Rudolf Diesel never thought that one day his invention - so used in the world - would have its days numbered in this century. After more than 120 years of validity, it was time for the machinery used for construction, mining and other industrial activities to focus on developing equipment with the use of less...

ITS Technologies, Innovation for the Safety of Road Transport

by: Mercado Equipos
A cargo truck travels 100 kilometers on Route 66 towards Valparaiso. A radar on the bumper of the unit detects that the vehicle in front has slowed down. The truck automatically reduces yours, since it has the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) installed or what is known as adaptive cruise control and is part of the new technologies aimed at road transport safety or ITS...

Caterpillar and Komatsu transport 50% of Chilean mining production

Caterpillar y Komatsu trasportan el 50% de la producción minera de Chile
by: Mercado Equipos
"Liebherr, Volvo and Hitachi also operate in the loading operations of the open pit mines." Copper-laden trucks circulate through the open-pit mines to transport the 5.8 million tons that the production of this mineral represents in Chile, according to the report of the Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco). the country is number one in the world production ranking...